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by Kevin Saez
This is the last Montclarion before this year’s graduation issue, which means one thing: Finals are right around the corner. While there is still some time left to relax before we all sit down for exams, this is the time people tend to opt for sweatpants. But there are other options to stay comfortable in these stressful times. I hope this gives you some inspiration, and best of luck of your exams!
Top, tights and headband: Forever 21
Skirt: Cotton On
 Boots: Traffic
Some people might say that tights are not that comfortable, but it’s really all a matter of preference. I have high hopes that soon tights won’t even be necessary with the weather getting warmer. Skater skirts and basic tops are super comfortable for sitting through exams or for those long study sessions in the library.
Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: England
Tights: Target
 Shoes: Kohl’s
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Despite having tights, this outfit is very comfortable. Hopefully sweaters will be put away soon, but layering them over dresses is a great away to stay warm in chilly spring weather. This outfit would also look great with knee socks. All the cotton pieces are cozy and soft, making them similar to lounge wear, which is ideal for finals week.
Dress and socks: Victoria’s Secret
Jacket: Old Navy
Shoes: Converse
Cotton dresses like this one are perfect for finals because they are easy to throw on and super-comfortable, but still fashionable. A simple one like this paired with fun socks, a light jacket and Converse is perfect for spring. It’s simple but still stylish. If you’re not into denim jackets, opt for a light cardigan to stay even more comfortable.
 Tank and tights: Target
 White kimono: TJ Maxx
 Hood: boutique in Soho
 Boots: Forever 21
Pants are definitely still an option for finals week and are probably preferred over skirts and dresses. Statement pieces like this kimono and hood are a great way to amp up a simple outfit. They are both unique and easy to throw on on your way out the door to your exam. Combat boots or even heels finish off the look.

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