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Montclair State Greek Community: 900 And Counting

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A look at Greek organization names at a recent SGA meeting. Photo by Jaimee Laurie

A look at Greek organization names at a recent SGA meeting.
Photo by Jaimee Laurie

Montclair State Greek Life is made up of many different faces throughout the community and consists of 38 organizations made up of six colonies and 32 chartered organizations under the Student Government Association (SGA).

The Greek community now stands with over 900 members and has doubled its size since Spring 2012, when they had a total of 420 active members and no new colonies on campus.
With the introduction of these new organizations, Greek Life has opened its doors for individuals who had never seen themselves in a Greek organization. These individuals can finally feel like they have found their home on campus.

Emily Cordero, the Coordinator for Greek Life, said, “From Fall 2015 to Spring 2015 alone, we doubled our Greek community, going from 500 members to 956 members, and it’s because we provide a diverse community with so many different options of organizations to join.”

The Greek community truly does provide a diverse range of options for students looking to join Greek Life. Made up of six different councils, the Greeks have an organization for everyone, including multicultural, national, local and LGBTQ-inclusive organizations.

The introduction of these new organizations on campus and the adoption of different recruitment practices is really what led the Greek Community toward the rapid growth they have recently seen.

Marissa Gally, the President of Theta Kappa Chi’s local sorority, is one of the Greek leaders on campus who has seen the community grow rapidly within her years at Montclair State. She joined as a freshman and has seen the many ups and downs the Greek community has been through, making her proud to see how far they have come in just the past few years.

When asked how she felt about the growth of a community she feels so passionate about, she said, “It’s incredible to see how much the Greek community has expanded in the past three years. It’s great to see so many students joining this diverse and flourishing community and watching it continue to grow is one of the most rewarding experiences as an organization president.”

With their desire and success of welcoming more students into Greek Life, members of the the Greek community at Montclair State have begun to make a name for themselves, becoming more involved and visible on campus. Wherever you go, it is easy to find a Montclair State Greek walking around representing their community in their respective letters.

When asked what she hopes will come out of the ever-continuing-growth of the community, Cordero said, “I want people to want to come to Montclair State because of the Greek community we have built here.”

The Greek community is growing each semester, welcoming hundreds of new students who are excited to become involved in organizations that have been on campus for so long or those that have just been chartered.

The Greeks are truly looking to provide a place for any student who wants to become involved in their community, and this is seen through the continuous efforts to welcome new organizations with open arms.

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