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“Page to Stage” with Brian Sedita

by Gabriella Dragone

As the catchy, lighthearted, bob-your-head background music slowly crescendos back on, Brian Sedita and Mary Dina get to work on editing the next episode of their podcast “Page to Stage.” What started as a fun idea for a podcast turned into a successful project that gained over 5,000 downloads.

Brian Sedita graduated from Montclair State University in January 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in acting. At six years old, Sedita had developed an interest in acting and Broadway, seeing a total of 149 musicals and plays in his lifetime.

“My parents used to take me into the city to see Broadway shows,” Sedita said. “When I was 16 I would go [to New York City] with my friends and wait on line for tickets early in the morning.”

Page to Stage logo

The podcast logo for “Page to Stage.”
Photo courtesy of Brian Sedita Photo credit: Courtesy of Brian Sedita

Due to this love of theater, Sedita and his friend Dina decided to start a podcast called “Page to Stage” in May 2019.

“We came up with the idea to do a process-based podcast,” Sedita said. “We wanted to focus on not just actors, but directors, playwrights, people behind the stage, designers, producers, everyone. It’s an artist’s process behind creating their work in the theater.”

Out of all the guests he has had so far, his favorite conversations are with people in professions that he knows nothing about.

“I know nothing about producing, so when a producer starts talking to me, I just get so engrossed in what he is saying,” Sedita said.

Page to Stage podcast

Mary Dina, Tyler Mount and Brian Sedita after recording an episode of “Page to Stage.”
Photo courtesy of Brian Sedita Photo credit: Photo Courtesy: Brian Sedita

“Page to Stage” has hosted guests such as Tony Howell, a digital strategist for artists, Madison Sylvester, a casting director, Hunter Arnold, a Broadway and West End producer and many more interesting guests.

In the beginning, Sedita and Dina would record in Dina’s apartment, sharing a single microphone. Sedita would edit and Dina would handle the branding and social media aspect.

In August, “Page to Stage” got picked up by the Broadway Podcast Network (BPN). Sedita and Dina were then relocated to a new apartment building in Times Square where they could record up to six people at a time and use professional equipment.

Promotional photo for Page to Stage.JPG

Brian Sedita started “Page to Stage” with friend, Mary Dina.
Photo courtesy of Brian Sedita Photo credit: Photo Courtesy: Brian Sedita

“I still edit the podcasts, but we get lots and lots of help as well,” Sedita said.

After being picked up by the BPN, “Page to Stage” was invited to their first BroadwayCon. At BroadwayCon, people dress up as their favorite Broadway characters and can visit several panels and panel discussions. The BPN had their own booth to showcase the variety of podcasts.

Sedita and Dina got to do a live half-hour episode of their podcast where they interviewed Eliza Omens, the associate choreographer of the new musical “Six.” Interested listeners can listen to it on the “Page to Stage” section of BPN’s website.

Giuliana Carr, Sedita’s best friend and a Montclair State alumna, discussed how “Page to Stage” isn’t a typical podcast.

page to stage podcast.jpg

From left to right: Mary Dina, co-founder of “Page to Stage,” Hunter Arnold, Broadway and West End producer and Brian Sedita.
Photo courtesy of Brian Sedita Photo credit: Photo Courtesy: Brian Sedita

“I don’t think there is another one like it,” Carr said. “I love that there’s a podcast out there that doesn’t really focus on the people who are the ‘moneymakers’ in a creative situation, but focuses on the unsung heroes.”

The podcast caught the attention of Phil Schirner, one of Sedita’s co-workers, who isn’t much of a fan of theater.

“All of my life I’ve played sports,” Schirner said. “I went in open-minded and I listened to the whole thing. It was awesome just learning about the little nuances of what an actor or a writer goes through and what the next steps are.”

“Page to Stage” is available on all platforms where podcasts can be listened to and can be followed on Instagram @pagetostagepodcast.


“If you are enjoying these conversations we would really appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to rate and review us wherever you are listening to this podcast,” Sedita said into the microphone in his Times Square studio apartment. “Until next time.”

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