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Study Tips: April Fools’ Edition

by Montclarion Feature

DISCLAIMER: The following article is an April Fools’ Day article. Though it may relate to real people or events, it is not factual.

Studying the right way can make or break your grade. Photo by Teanna Owens

Studying the right way can make or break your grade.
Photo Credit: Teanna Owens

Finding time to study can often feel like a great juggling act, with homework sometimes ending up buried beneath other responsibilities. Ultimately, the key to a productive study session is balancing all of your important priorities.

“Throughout my college career, I’ve developed an entire list of things that I need to complete before I even open a text book,” said senior Nate Procrasti. “The key is allotting the right amount of time to each activity and saving studying for last.”

When it comes to studying, following these simple tips can make all the difference:

1. Rest

Among the most important of these pre-studying activities is rest. Studies have shown that a 5-10 minute nap in the middle of the day can greatly improve productivity and brain activity. An obvious conclusion can be drawn from this research — the more sleep, the more productivity. Experts recommend setting nap goals. Aim to add an extra 30 minutes to your nap each day, and soon enough, your body will be accustomed to sleeping all day.

Sophomore Will B. Knapping can vouch for this study method. “Morning, afternoon and night — there’s no bad time for a nap,” Knapping said. “My favorite spots for sleeping on campus are the commuter lounge, the library and in class.”

Skipping class to sleep is also a great technique. “It’s all about prioritizing,” noted freshman Abby Sent, who explained that taking naps during class time is the perfect way to create time for studying later.

2. Entertainment

Another equally necessary study activity is entertainment. “Writing a paper is impossible until we gain inspiration by binge-watching the first season of ‘Fuller House,’” agreed junior roommates Nate Flix and Chi Hill.

While some students find their muse in sitcoms, others double-tap on Instagram, open Snapchat stories or scroll through Twitter before starting homework. Staying up-to-date on the latest memes and funny vines is absolutely vital to achieving an A in all your classes.

“Once I finish looking at Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Snapchat, I start again back at Twitter,” said sophomore Sasha Media. “The cycle just keeps on going, because I need to be constantly updated before I start my homework.”

3. Food

Proper nourishment is another crucial element to a productive study session. “I simply cannot study without taking a snack break every few minutes,” said senior Ben G. Eeting. “Take last night, for example—I started studying at 8 p.m. At 8:15, I grabbed a cold slice of pizza from the kitchen counter.”

Eeting went on to explain that finishing the entire pie in an hour was better preparation for his exam than an hour of studying would have been. Based on scientific evidence, researchers concluded that food consumption is directly related to retention of facts.

DISCLAIMER: The above article is an April Fools’ Day article. Though it may relate to real people or events, it is not factual.

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