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Elect to Block (Retribution)

by Rosemary Rodriguez

Confundi la madrugada con la atardecer

I can’t let myself want

Much for much


Now all that consumes

Me is the thought of blue-

Berry muffins on my severed tongue

Retribution for saying too much

Of myself

Among other things

The sting of silence sentencing

Us to strangers stirs

Just as heavily as the pressing

Of this pen to paper

I used to feel

High and it felt

Like you

But the push

Of this pen

Aches in me

Retribution for giving too much

Of myself

Among other things

You’ve made my words


You’ve made

My words bleed

Not onto the page

But like a bleed

To the brain possibly


I mis-

Took you in a lover

‘S veil

As a kind soul

A testament to a life

Driven by should have

Knowns (forgive me for I am oh so young)

Retribution yes I did it all

Out of love

Not for it

Keep all I’ve given I


But if the brain

Bleed hasn’t beaten you to

It remember that it is due

To you that my words need


Keep my stomping

Ground my love and craft

Elect to block the source

My greatest retribution comes from finding

Your words on my paper

Your words on my page

I introduced the two and want

It back only that

I too elect to block

Out any semblance of you

But your ink

Is on my page

Your words on my paper




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