Graduation Edition: Men’s Baseball Team Leaves it to Underclassmen to Improve Future Performance


Published April 30, 2019
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The Montclarion

The Montclair State University Red Hawks baseball team finished their season on Sunday, April 28, against the William Paterson University Pioneers with a score of 6-4.

During the game, freshman pitcher and infielder Donald Gonnelli hit a solo home run, which helped the Red Hawks’ chances of getting on the scoreboard. The Pioneers quickly responded by putting six runs on the board, leading the Red Hawks to end their season with a record of 12-24.

Undoubtedly, this season was a tough one for the Red Hawks. They had a strong start to the season, but somewhere along the way things went downhill. By midseason, the Red Hawks were on a 14 game losing streak, making it one of the longest losing streaks the team has had in the past two years.

The Red Hawks will graduate two seniors, infielder Nick Martinez and pitcher Max Maarleved. The senior players on the team may not have had the season that they hoped for, but the freshman that make up the majority of the team will have a shot at redeeming themselves next season.

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