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Casey’s COVID-cation: Blog Eight

by Casey Masterson

I‘m Casey and I just beat the coronavirus (COVID-19).

After having been stuck in campus-isolation for about a week, I have just graduated on to campus-quarantine. I still need to keep myself sane until I can go home for Thanksgiving, but on the bright side, I do get to experience this quarantine for you so that you can be up to date on protocol, without having to get the virus yourself.

So, do you all like my new introduction? I had to update it, since I am officially out of isolation. I am now only living in this quarantine apartment until Thanksgiving break.

I had a phone appointment with the University Health Center this morning; since I am symptom-free and it has been two weeks from the date of my exposure, I was officially deemed non-contagious. I can now go about my everyday activities like work, laundry, grocery shopping — the list goes on.

One thing I learned today was that I do not need to get tested to confirm that I am safe to reenter society, since apparently you can test positive for up to three months after you have been exposed. I am probably just going to be super-duper careful with everything until I hit the two week anniversary of having symptoms, next Monday.

Even though I am out of isolation, I cannot go back to my dorm. My roommate is quarantining there and I cannot go near him, just in case he develops symptoms and I catch the coronavirus all over again. Instead, I will wait until after his quarantine to drop off my things before I go home for the holidays.

After my virtual classes today, I took the opportunity to go on a walk. Taking in some fresh air and being able to listen to music on walks again was amazing. It is the little things in life that we often take for granted and miss the most when we do not have them.

That was not the only exciting thing that happened today. I was also interviewed for News Lab this morning, shortly before my classes began. I was asked questions about the general on-campus COVID-19 experience, my blog, my creative writing and about Wicket. He was a little stinker in the interview, since all he wanted to do was eat his carrot.

After my walk, I did some homework and ran to ShopRite to grab some apples. I do not know if you guys have ever tried red Rome apples, but they are the best; I highly recommended them. I also grabbed myself some Burger King for a celebratory dinner.

I am probably going to have a lazy night tonight, with a movie and some hot cocoa. I did not sleep very well last night, because I was nervous about whether or not I would have to isolate more. So, I do deserve one last, lazy night to myself, since I have to be up early for work tomorrow.

That is all for today. Stay cool!

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