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A Closer Look Into Quintuplets That Got Full Ride to Montclair State

by Gabriella Dragone

On Feb. 3, Montclair State University gave Victoria, Ludovico or “Masha,” Ashley, Michael and Marcus Povolo a surprise they would never forget.

Montclair State representatives headed down the road to Passaic Valley High School to deliver the news that the set of quintuplets would be invited to attend Montclair State as presidential scholars. This program rewards high-achieving students with scholarships and additional academic, cultural, research-driven and career-focused activities, that are worth about $250,000 collectively.

Victoria Povolo, the oldest, was the only one in the family who knew about the surprise. She had to keep it a secret for three weeks and said it was the hardest thing she ever had to do.

Povolo family .jpg

From left to right: Paolo, Michael, Masha, Marcus, Ashley, Victoria and Silvia Povolo celebrate.
Photo courtesy of Mike Peters Photo credit: Mike Peters /Montclair State University Photographer

The quintuplets were also offered grants and merits guaranteeing tuition and fees would be covered for all four years. The scholarship offer stands to each individual quintuplet and is not dependent on them all attending Montclair State.

The quintuplets, who have been accepted to many other schools, have a hard decision to make. Masha Povolo recently received a generous scholarship from Ramapo College and Drew University. However, he doesn’t feel pressured at all.

“[Montclair State] has always been an option on our lists and the full scholarship we’ve been given makes it that much better,” Masha Povolo said. “[Montclair State] has a large student population and is just 10 minutes from where we live.”

Victoria Povolo wants to major in biochemistry and become a coroner and Masha Povolo wants to major in political science. Ashley Povolo wants to be a teacher, while Michael Povolo wants to major in nutrition and food science. Marcus Povolo has his sights set on accounting.

quintuplets with Rocky.jpg

From left to right: Ashley, Masha, Rocky, Michael, Victoria and Marcus after receiving the news they were being given a scholarship.
Photo courtesy of Mike Peters Photo credit: Mike Peters /Montclair State University Photographer

Most think that twins, or in this case, quintuplets, are the same, but they are all different in their own way. Masha, Marcus and Victoria Povolo all like the attention that comes with being a quintuplet, whereas Ashley and Michael Povolo don’t necessarily feel that way.

“I find [being a quintuplet] cool,” Masha Povolo said. “I don’t like to boast about it because I know some people may take it that way.”

Since there are so many of them, they each have their favorite and least favorite sibling.

“Michael [Povolo] is probably my favorite,” Masha Povolo said. “My least favorite is Ashley [Povolo] because she always gives me an attitude.”

Coincidentally, Ashley Povolo’s least favorite sibling is Masha Povolo.

“I try to stay away from Masha [Povolo] because whenever we talk an argument starts,” Ashley Povolo said.

Even though she has a least favorite sibling, she favors the other three all the same.

Marcus Povolo’s favorite sibling is Victoria Povolo.

“I can relate to [Victoria Povolo] the most,” Marcus Povolo said. “I tell her most of my problems.”

Marcus Povolo’s least favorite sibling is also Masha Povolo.

Povolo Quintuplets .jpg

From left to right (back): Michael, Masha and Victoria Povolo. From left to right (front): Ashley and Marcus Povolo.
Photo courtesy of Mike Peters Photo credit: Mike Peters /Montclair State University Photographer

“I guess it’s because we’re so similar and our personalities clash in a way,” Marcus Povolo said.

However, Michael Povolo says Masha Povolo is his favorite.

“He’s fun to be around,” Michael Povolo said. “He’s a funny kid.”

Victoria Povolo has no favorite or least favorite sibling and claims she loves them all equally. In the end, although the siblings may look similar, they are all unique in their own way.

“I can’t be without them,” Ashley Povolo said.

The quintuplets have a tough decision to make in their college-selecting plans and are excited for what this next chapter in their lives has in store for them.

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