Alicia Slimmer Shows Debut Feature Film at Montclair State’s Film Forum


Published December 11, 2016
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The panelists at Film Forum on Dec. 6. Photo courtesy of Diego Coya

The panelists at Film Forum on Dec. 6.
Photo courtesy of Diego Coya

On Dec. 7, Alicia Slimmer, an award-winning independent filmmaker, showed the weekly film forum at Montclair State her debut feature film “Creedmoria.”

“Creedmoria” took home the Industry Choice Award at Dances with Film Festival in Los Angeles, and Slimmer won Audience Brooklyn Film Festival. The film was also nominated for the Stubbornly Independent Award, and Slimmer was presented with the Outstanding First Feature Award. With this amount of awards and critical reception, there was some sort of anticipation for this particular forum.

The film focuses on a character named Candy, who has a very dysfunctional family. She struggles on a daily basis with the loss of her father, dealing her crazy mother and her brother—who, after a serious accident, becomes irresponsible and an alcoholic—and working for a boss who is nothing short of a snob.

The viewer also sees Candy forming relationships, and how she grows and progresses as a character. The film is able to balance comedy and drama well. There were times when the audience members were laughing quite hard at the comedic moments.

There are also some famous actors and actresses in the film. Candy is played by Stef Dawson, who appears in “The Hunger Games,” and Candy’s father is played by Ray Abruzzo from the beloved series “The Sopranos.”

After the 90-minute film was over, Slimmer gave a commentary about it, along with the custom designer, Beck Brown. She also discussed her career and the success she has had thus far.

Prior to Slimmer’s first feature film, she worked on short films. Her first short film, “My First Car,” won Best Comedy at the 24th Annual New York Invitational Film Show.

Slimmer shared with the forum that it took about 10 years to make the film “Creedmoria.” She initially did not have a lot of money to make it, and was working on her short films at the same time.

Slimmer and Beck ended the forum by speaking about the next film that they will be working on. Although they never gave a name or a plot, they shared that they are filming in France and Michigan.

Due to a great film that was shown and a solid commentary, it’s safe to say that this was a great way to end the film forum for the semester.

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