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‘Changes’ Is a Change for the Better for Justin Bieber

by Samantha Impaglia

Justin Bieber is back in action, this time with an album expressing his love for wife, Hailey Bieber, and the changes he has gone through in the past few years. Being his first album release since 2015, “Changes” is already at the number one spot on the Billboard charts.

Justin Bieber has been through a lot in recent years, explaining the lack of new music. He has been battling with Lyme disease and has overcome drug abuse, hence the inspiration for the album’s name. The pop star wants his fans to know he is not going anywhere and is still the musician “Beliebers” know and adore.

“Changes” marks Justin Bieber’s fifth album and, as usual, a majority of the songs are based on love. Similarly to his previous albums, his calm, soothing voice has not changed a bit, reeling you in right away.

Photo courtesy of Def Jam Records

“Yummy” was the first single of the album to be released.
Photo courtesy of Def Jam Records

The provocative single “Yummy,” released prior to the full album, under-impressed many excited listeners. Justin Bieber took a jump into the modern era of repetitive music with this song, which was unlike his usual technique. This single did not fit into the rest of the album, as the rest of the songs are more like his signature style.

Overall, the album has a lot of the same elements as “Believe” and “Purpose,” which touch on his true feelings.

Most of the album confesses Justin Bieber’s love for his wife and the impact she has on him. “Forever” captures this perfectly. In the lyrics, he sings about Hailey Bieber changing him for the better, always turning him back around and wanting to be with her forever.

He needs Hailey Bieber in order to stay at a good level in life, saying “Better man, what you made me.” According to the song, she keeps the singer on his feet while always reminding him he is doing his best.

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Justin Bieber is back after a five year music hiatus.
Photo courtesy of Billboard

“Intentions” stands out, and is one of the most popular songs on the album. The track serves as another appreciative nod to his wife. “Triple threat, you a boss, you a beast,” Justin Bieber says while saying Hailey Bieber can do it all. He wants to shower her with all his attention and that is his only intention.

The song also features Post Malone, in which the two singers’ voices match perfectly together. The beat is catchy and the first line, “Picture-perfect, you don’t need no filter / Gorgeous, make ‘em drop dead, you a killer,” has listeners hooked right away. You find yourself wanting to hear more while jamming out to Justin Bieber’s smooth voice.

A softer, slower paced song where Justin Bieber really lets out his emotions is “Habitual.” He talks about him and his wife softly kissing and how their feelings go deeper than anything. The way he sings this song shows “Beliebers” that he is in a really good place in life.

As each song on the album is played, a new perspective on Justin Bieber’s love for his wife is expressed.

Justin Bieber first came to international attention as a young teen pop star. Photo courtesy of Billboard

Justin Bieber first came to international attention as a young teen pop star.
Photo courtesy of Billboard

Kehlani is featured on “Get Me,” where Justin Bieber sings another romantic song for Hailey Bieber. He explains that she is the only one that gets him, which is what makes her special.

“See, you’re looking beyond the surface,” he says, knowing there is something different about Hailey Bieber.

The entire album secretes a common theme of a changed man within Justin Bieber. He is still the fun-loving, lighthearted kid from Stratford, Ontario, that reeled in so many fans in the early 2010s. The album is more mature.

In 2015 when “Purpose” was released, Justin Bieber was a heartbroken 21-year-old. Now in his late 20s, the musician is happily married and fully grown up.

A lot can change in just a few years, and in Justin Bieber’s case it was a good turnaround. Change describes the album as a whole, but the heart of Justin Bieber is still there. The direction his life has taken created an inspiration for an album, one that may be his best work yet.

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