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‘Gotham’ Returns for Another Season

by Montclarion Entertainment
Photo Credit: Televisione Streaming (Flickr).

Photo Credit: Televisione Streaming (Flickr).

Gotham premiered last September as a show that was backed into a corner from the beginning. Writer Bruno Heller (Rome, The Mentalist) was tasked with creating a crime drama surrounding one of the most iconic locations in pop culture. If that wasn’t tough enough, Heller had to do this without showing Bruce Wayne in the Batman costume (except for potentially the final scene in the show).

This led to a freshman season that left much to be desired. Gotham often teetered between a campy, comic book show and a serious, grounded-in-reality type of show. After numerous stars of the show mentioned that the second season will see a lot of the bad habits dropped, it leaves the viewer with a little bit of hope going into the premiere on Sept. 21. One of the most positive signs for the show is that everyone involved seems to be self-aware about what worked and what did not.

Season two’s promos have been centered around the villains rising to the spotlight. With the return of Cameron Monaghan’s pseudo-Joker, Jerome, and Robin Lord Taylor’s exceptional portrayal of The Penguin leading the fray, it should lead to a lot more excitement between the GCPD and the villains working against them. Gotham has a tough road ahead of it to capitalize off of the things that worked well in season one and hopes to bring itself back into the forefront of a plethora of comic book shows that are currently running.


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