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Montclair State Reacts to ‘Black Panther’

by Tiyana Merritt

For those following social media, it is obvious that “Black Panther” has been a smash hit with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. People around the country are raving about the groundbreaking film. It has an all-star cast matched with brilliant writing and action sequences. You don’t have to open an app to find the same level of excitement among the students at Montclair State University about the hottest superhero of the year, “Black Panther.”

Boyscout Maguire, a sociology graduate student pursuing a masters in educational leadership with a concentration in higher education and student affairs, gives the film, “11/10.”

Senior television production major Corey Smith thought the film was balanced.

“[‘Black Panther’ is] honestly one of the best Marvel movies I’ve seen in a long time,” Smith said. “Great acting, casting – all around great movie.”

Stanley Wiercinski, a senior television production major, raved about the movie.

“‘Black Panther’ had an amazing script with wonderful music and visuals,” Wiercinski said. “[The film] had one of my favorite Marvel villains in recent years.”

It is clear that “Black Panther” was more than just explosions and guns. The film allowed for deeper thought and lots of insight into the meta of superhero films themselves.


Lupita Nyong’o costars as Nakia in “Black Panther.
Photo courtesy of IMDb.com

English graduate student Eric Najiman praised the movie.

“I thought it was cool that the movie was more background than typical superhero movies,” Najiman said. “Like, I get that it’s basically an origin story, so it’s bound to be focused on the hero’s personal history, but I felt like it focused more on the mythology surrounding the character itself. I liked that because it was kind of like pushing the boundaries of what a superhero movie can do.”

What really makes “Black Panther” such a groundbreaking film is its social relevance and commentary.

“It has concepts that a typical hero movie doesn’t talk about,” said senior psychology major Dania Crespo.

Cultural significance means a lot to the students of Montclair State, and it is clear “Black Panther” catered to this desire.

“No matter the character, everyone’s opinions and beliefs were relevant and understandable in not only the movie, but today’s political climate as well,” Wiercinski said.

The students of Montclair State have come to the consensus on this “Black Panther” movie, and it is a hit – hands down.

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