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Photo Exhibit Highlights Student Work

by Awije Bahrami

The Morehead Student Lounge transformed into a photo gallery yesterday, with images hanging on the walls, whispering stories and telling tales about life during the 2017 spring semester. Inside the lounge, instead of students chattering about upcoming finals and grades, images from Professor Tom Franklin’s photojournalism students came alive on canvases.

“Morning Skyline” by Christina Urban quietly greeted visitors, staff, friends and faculty members, along one side of the entryway leading into the lounge. Along the other side, past Franklin’s office is a photograph of “Restricted Relaxation” by Collin Borow. The picture releases much-needed calming effect, nearing the end of a stressful spring semester.

Spring semester 2017 presented the first photojournalism class. Students brought different levels of understanding and experience to the class. The students chose their best work from the semester to display.

Montclair State University Professor, Thomas Franklin, discusses the work of his students at their first Photo Exhibit displaying pictures students took for his Photojournalism class.
Photo by Alexis Prosuk

One student in the class, Jennifer Cardillo, said about the exhibit, “Everything looks so professional.”

Canvas photos are displayed on the walls in Morehead Hall Lounge during a photo exhibit of student work from Thomas Franklin’s Photojournalism class.
Photo by Alexis Prosuk

Moving further inside the student lounge, past Professor Steve McCarthy’s office, more photography surrounds the walls.

Refreshments were served, and while guests ate, a slideshow of the student’s photography was viewed from a Panasonic wide screen television, displaying images of Montclair State University sports teams: women’s basketball, women’s lacrosse, men’s basketball and baseball and a sport called parkour—an activity based on jumping, climbing and acrobatic challenges.

For those who aren’t sports enthusiasts, there is a mixture of images of Montclair State University students who participated in journalism projects throughout the slideshow.

Franklin invited former colleagues from The Record to critique the students’ work. They provided invaluable professional feedback to the students.

MSU Student Daniel Falkenheim takes feedback from an employee at The Record regarding his photograph displayed at the Photo Exhibit in Morehead Hall. Photo by Alexis Prosuk

The photojournalism exhibit will remain on display at Morehead Hall Lounge until May 12.


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