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R5 Keeps Fans Up ‘All Night’

by Montclarion Entertainment


On the road for the past year, R5 has been lighting up cities across the country. In Mercer County Park this past July, fans had a chance to catch-up with the always-traveling group. Composed of a family quartet and their life-long friend (Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch and Ellington Ratliff), the band prides itself on the more edgy side of pop that they often refer to as “pop rock.” Attending their concert, however, the younger faces in the crowd may seem a bit out of place. Yet, one can truly tell that there is a surge of electricity as the album’s single, “All Night,” begins to play.

From there, concert-goers can expect a whirlwind of singing, dancing and even fighting from the siblings. While lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Ross Lynch, can be seen dancing his way from one side of the stage to the other, the lead bassist and vocalist, Riker Lynch, throws his hair back and forth to the beat of each song perfectly. Throughout the show, the band takes the opportunity to not only thank their fans over and over for their support, but play their new and old music as well.

The bouncier lines of “Smile,” a fan favorite, seem to spread positive vibes across the audience as Riker Lynch sings of wanting to make the girl of his dreams smile. After the last song, the band can be seen dowsing each other with water guns and even picking up one another before running off stage – the perfect way to end such a fun-filled evening with their fans.

Currently touring Europe, R5 is definitely taking the music scene by storm and will only continue to do so as their creativity, ingenuity and passion carry them forward.


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