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Student Artist Highlight: Taylor Bayes

by Montclarion Sports

Bayes was part of the Players’ production of Rent.
Photo courtesy of Rod Goodman

Q: What is your biggest motivation?

A: My biggest motivation really has to do with my sense of wonder about the future. I don’t know where I’m going to be in five years or 10 or where I’ll be at 60, but I have the power to control where I end up. My world is in my hands; I carry the opportunity and obligation to make it fantastic.

Q: How has Montclair State University fostered you as an artist?

A: Montclair was my third-choice school, I’ll be honest, but after being here for two years, I realize that no other university would have fit me better. I feel fully engulfed in my passion with performing and Montclair has made it all possible through its excellent staff.

Q: Who are your biggest supporters?

A: Of course my parents, who have been there for me since the beginning. Also, I absolutely have to mention my incredible primary vocal professor, Dr. Lori McCann, who pushes me to my best potential and, more importantly, makes me fall deeper in love with music every lesson.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: My mother, who gave up her passion of acting to raise two girls for 22 years and who is finally back in Manhattan living the dream. Also my father, whose stories and lessons inspire me every day to work harder and harder.

Q: What’s your latest project?

A: In December, I will be applying to and auditioning for the Kunstuniveraität Graz, a music school in Austria, in the hopes of studying abroad for the 2017-18 academic year. I am also preparing a sophomore recital for spring 2017, where I will be performing repertoire from the past two years at the Cali School of Music.

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