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Student Artist Profile: Emily Malone

by Carlos Andrade

Sophomore filmmaking major Emily Malone started making films when she was in the sixth or seventh grade. With an interest in drawing and animation, she constantly drew cartoons and was fascinated with cameras. She later made music videos with her friends and soon discovered her interest in filmmaking.

Q: When and why did you decide to pursue filmmaking as a career?

A: I always knew that I wanted to do something in the arts. At first, it was always related to animation and I grew up wanting to draw, but then I realized how long that process took. As I matured, I decided I wanted to tell stories that went beyond animation. I found that I really loved cameras and taking pictures. [Through being a film major, I was able to] combine the two — the love for animation and storytelling through characters and a camera.

Q: What lessons have you learned as a filmmaker?

A: I think I learn [something different] every time I’m on set. I definitely had to learn a certain type of patience with other people and learn that you have to let other people tell their stories and how to be involved in letting other people tell their stories, which is a bit difficult at first. I think I was very impatient when I first went on set. I definitely learned patience and learned how to listen to people to become a team player.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a film major?

A: I love getting to meet everyone, getting to hang out with everyone on sets. I also really like how expressive filmmaking can be, especially the screenwriting process of everything and getting to tell a story. I think that it can be really impactive. For me, I find the most creative freedom when I write poetry and combine that with filmmaking. I’ve always been interested in how that allows me to express myself.

Q: How has Montclair State University fostered you as an artist?

A: Montclair State makes me take classes that I would have never imagined taking. I’m in an editing class right now and a sound class. I would’ve never imagined myself doing that because it’s very technical, but it’s important to understand, so it has definitely made me a more well-rounded filmmaker.

Em Malone.jpg

Emily Malone started making films as a freshman in high school.
Photo courtesy of Rob Watt

Q: Talk about a film that you’re particularly proud of.

A: The first film I ever made was film and poetry combined. It was called “Shoebox Discoveries.” I was probably a freshman in high school when I made it. It was the first time that I ever used that [film] format of writing a poem, speaking it out loud, and then combining it with music and images and then having that be powerful and using it for expression. So I remember when I showed it to people, it brought tears to their eyes and made them emotional. I remember thinking that’s amazing how you can do that. You make something and make people feel a certain way or react to it. I think that’s beautiful.

Q: Do you feel that your art has helped you grow as a person?

A: Yes, absolutely. I think any time that you create something, you have to have a mental space that’s clear. I think that for anyone to just sit, think and be with yourself for a certain period of time is really important. You learn more about yourself in the silence and being alone than you do with other people.

Q: What do you want to be known for?

A: I’d like to be known as an honest artist who says what’s on my mind and writes things that are really true to me and that hopefully other people can relate to.

em malone 3.jpg

Photo of Emily Malone.
Photo courtesy of Adam Chhour

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