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Student Artist Profile: Eric Tumolo

by Tess Reynolds

Eric Tumolo is a sophomore filmmaking major with plans to graduate in May 2019.
Photo courtesy of Steven Simione

Q: When you did you start filming movies?

A: My first memory of filming a movie was when my three siblings and I made a home-video rendition of “Scream” when I was 4 years old.

Q: When and why did you decide to pursue it as a career?

A: Once I took my first year of media in high school I knew I needed to pursue a career in some form of videography and entertainment. I fell in love with the process of writing a narrative and creating a team of artists to bring that concept to life; which is why I chose a path in filmmaking.

Q: What experiences have you had filming?

A: What’s incredible about filmmaking is that you are able to experiment with several different departments and roles throughout the production of a film. A lot of treasured experiences I’ve had have been gaining knowledge in new departments and seeing what does and doesn’t intrigue me, and seeing the passion of those who have found their niche.

Q: What have you learned through being a filmmaker?

A: That although something may always go wrong, it is knowledge that you did not have before and is pushing you to do better in your future productions. It takes an army to create a product to be proud of—work collaboratively, openly and progressively. And that constructive criticism is your best friend.

Eric Tumolo working on set for his film “Denouement.”
Photo courtesy of Steven Simione

Q: What is your biggest motivation?

A: My biggest motivation is wanting to make content that I’m not only proud of, but content that I feel is progressive in the grand scheme of things. I definitely want to make sure there is seamless LGBTQ representation in most, if not all, of my work.

Q: How has Montclair State University fostered you as an artist?

A: I owe a huge thanks to Professor Karl Nussbaum and my peers for a large part of my growth as an artist at Montclair State. Karl’s Film II course taught me more than I ever expected to get out of a class and his mentorship is unmatched. Then there’s the family of filmmaking majors that have been extremely supportive and inspiring of one another and their work, allowing me to learn a lot of knowledge on set and through discussions.

Q: Who are your biggest supporters?

A: My parents have been incredible throughout my endeavors thus far, as well as the extremely creative friends that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting here at Montclair State.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: In terms of filmmakers, I have always been a fan of Wes Anderson’s work and his recognizable style. I have also always been inspired by my own experiences and the experiences of others and figuring out how to incorporate those real life successes and struggles into a fictional world.

Q: What’s your latest project?

A: I am currently in the post-production phase of my experimental short “Swine,” a film depicting the sexualization of the human body through a mock peep show where the audience turns rather animalistic.


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