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‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Season Three is Truly Chilling

by Sam Nungesser

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” season three has arrived and if you think the last two seasons were hard to pull away from, just wait until the end of this one.

In the season two finale, the witches of the Church of Night betray Satan, previously revealed as Sabrina Spellman’s biological father, by trapping him in the body of Sabrina’s boyfriend Nick, the only one deemed strong enough to hold the powerful being in order to stop the apocalypse.

Lilith, Lucifer’s ex-lover, is seen taking Nick’s frail and newly inhabited body back to hell, where she can presumably reign as the new Queen. In the last scene of the season, Sabrina promises to get her boyfriend back, no matter what the stakes are or how dangerous it may be.

Sabrina, Harvey, Theo and Ros go to Hell as part of a mission.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

With that being said, the Archie Comics series left no downtime in the start of season three with action starting during the first episode.

For those familiar with the show, it has a track record of portraying a great deal of uncomfortable misogyny within the Church of Night, with the witches pledging their soul to the devil, or as they call him, the Dark Lord.

Foregoing all of their free will and ultimately realizing the corruption within their place of worship are underlying plots that slowly transpire throughout the three-part series.

Season three appealed to me most because the women have now begun to overthrow the patriarchy. They take over the Church of Night as well as hell itself, and begin their reformations. They even partake in one of the most unheard of acts within the Church of Night: worshipping a woman.

Sabrina Spellman and her cat Salem await the Pagans at the local carnival.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

This season, the antagonists show up as the pagans, a dark group from the olden days whose main goal is to rise their gods and kill off any human life. Between managing hell, attempting to defeat the Pagans and restoring magic to the Church of Night despite losing the help of the Dark Lord, Sabrina proves herself to be more courageous than ever.

Season three also includes a substantial time jump, which is one of my favorite storylines to see in television. It brings a different humanistic aspect into the plot, as well as forcing viewers to ask themselves, “What if I disappeared for decades and came back to a post-apocalyptic world?”

The time warp added a very compelling and interesting aspect to the show that can easily be mistaken for a fall back plan when writers don’t know where to take the story, similarly to events all being a dream. However, that’s not the case in “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

The creators are able to tie everything together in a way that could cause serious controversy and a multitude of different possible directions for the next season all the while staying true to developing a complex and eye-catching storyline.

Sabrina stands with her Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

In the Netflix series which proves to be vastly different from its 1990s predecessor, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” audiences see a version made for people that gravitate towards the dark aspect of magic in which the previous sitcom did not touch upon.

As someone who watches a plethora of different mystical shows, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is definitely toward the top of the list. It’s one of those shows that is unpredictable and whenever audiences think they might lose interest, a plot twist of some sort happens.

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” season three is eight episodes of cliffhangers and horror. Luckily, there will be a season four for all those unanswered questions. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait another year for it.

In the meantime, I highly recommend watching season three as well as the previous two seasons.


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