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A Night to Remember at the Video Production Club’s Oscars Party

by Bryan Sudfield

Photo by Bryan Sudfield

I was lucky enough to attend the Video Production Club’s (VPC) 4th annual Oscars party this past Sunday. There was a lot to remember with the food, red carpet, lip sync battle, awards given to members of the VPC and, of course, watching the Oscars with a ton of incredible people.

The atmosphere felt soothing and subtle, while still containing lots of enthusiasm and energy from everyone. The Oscars are the film lovers’ Super Bowl and this show was incredibly fun to watch with everyone. The reaction in the Student Center Ballroom go the Best Picture situation was indescribable, with a lot cheering for La La Land, followed by shocked buzz from the students, as it turned out that Moonlight was the actual winner. We were all laughing, crying and screaming at the same time and I cannot remember the last time reactions like that happened in front of me.

At around 7pm, the food was served and there was a vast amount of deliciousness, from the mini quesadillas to the messy buffalo wings and the sweet brownies to the crispy potstickers, I was satisfied with the food. A half hour later, an insanely courageous lip-sync battle with a few members of the VPC took place. Everyone was left breathless from each and every performance.

The last thing I will touch upon are the awards given to the VPC members. Like I brought up earlier, I’m not a member of this club. But watching these passionate students on stage, receiving mini-Oscars and thanking their families, friends and colleagues, was very bittersweet. I can see that all these students love being a part of the Video Production Club and they felt like a “big, happy family.” By the end of the night, everyone was hugging and celebrating Hollywood’s biggest night with the people that mean a lot to them, while making new friends.

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