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What to Expect in the Seventh Season of ‘The Walking Dead’

by Montclarion Entertainment
Walking Dead
Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org

Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org

Turn on your televisions, log into your Netflix and watch one of the hottest television franchises out there. With the seventh season premiere of “The Walking Dead” over a month away, the show’s tremendous fanbase has one question to ask, “Who did Neegan kill?”

In case you’ve never watched “The Walking Dead,” it starts off with Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the show, waking up from a coma. He discovers that the world has been infested with walkers and learns how to survive with his family. He has a son named Carl, a daughter named Judith, an archer friend named Daryl, a pizza delivery guy named Glenn, a farm girl named Maggie, a mother overcoming domestic violence named Carol, a samurai named Michonne and many others.

This show is more than just running away from walkers. There are so many twists and turns within the series that you do not expect what happens next. It is more than just finding safety away from walkers. It’s about dictatorship and how different leaders convince survivors to follow their orders. It’s about not being afraid to fight against the walkers and making difficult choices to remain alive. It’s about hoping there will be light at the end of this deep, dark tunnel of monsters (both walkers and the living).

Each episode usually ends with a cliffhanger, making the last one of the sixth season no different. The show left off with Neegan, the vicious leader of his group, pointing his barbed wire baseball bat, which he named Lucille, at the main characters. The one that he picked suffered a bloody death because Grimes and his clan were on a killing spree against Neegan’s people earlier. “The Walking Dead” fans also learn that Maggie, Glenn’s wife, is pregnant and severely sick.

Executive Producer and season seven Director Greg Nicotero explained why the show ended its sixth season as it did:

“Listen, shooting that first episode, the season seven premiere, was without a doubt the most emotionally grueling and draining nine days. There was nothing fun about it. It was rough, really rough. As far as the way that I looked at it, it was reducing these people at the end of [season six] to the absolute lowest point that you can ever imagine them. They’re all defeated; they’ve lost. We’ve never seen Rick Grimes scared in six years. There has never been fear on his face, but we end season six… Rick is so scared that he is helpless. These are two things that you never see in your hero. Imagine a hero that’s scared and helpless. Where do you go from there?”

You can watch season seven of “The Walking Dead” on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. EST, as a beloved character’s death will finally be revealed.


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