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WMSC’S First Outdoor Concert Becomes A Success

by Hiral Patel
WMSC members.JPG

WMSC Music Director Austin Resnick, Engineering Director Nick Franciosa, and members of the WMSC crew set up sound and video equipment for the concert.                                                                                Hiral Patel| The Montclarion

Following the grand opening of the School of Communication and Media this past Tuesday, MSU college radio station WMSC hosted their first outdoor concert on Wednesday, Sept. 27 outside the new building. The concert featured live music from the bands Use Big Words and Phulton who are New Jersey natives.


Students sat in front of the new School of Communication and Media building lawn during the concert.                            Jake Gongora| The Montclarion

Concert 2.JPG

WMSC and The Montclarion Members team up to get ready for the Concert.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

WMSC programming director Mike Stringham, a senior television and digital media major with a concentration in audio and sound design, is the programming director for the radio station. To find bands for the concert, Stringham said he utilized social media and his tactic paid off.


School of Communication and Media Director Dr. Keith Strudler, WMSC Programming Director Mike Stringham, and Rocky made some announcements prior to kicking off the outdoor concert.                                                                    Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

“I made a general post on a NJ musicians Facebook page in search of bands to perform for the WMSC concert,” Stringham said. “I got over 200 replies. I was looking for bands to play our College Radio Day Studio Sessions on Oct. 6 as well, in which I booked 26 bands.”


WMSC News Director Kate Brunstein, a junior and Communications and Media major, takes photos of the concert.           Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

Phulton, an alternative rock band from New Jersey, commented on Stringham’s post and he ultimately chose them to perform at the concert.


NJ alternative rock band Phulton performed at WMSC’s first outdoor concert.                   Jake Gongora | The Montclarion


The guitarist and vocalist of Phulton jams out at the concert.                                         Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

The second band, Use Big Words, has a math and indie rock sound. They are from Dover, New Jersey and are good friends of Stringham’s. They knew each other from going to shows and concerts together in the New Jersey music scene for several years. They have played at all the events that WMSC has organized, including the first concert last year in the Rathskeller and the College Radio Day Studio Sessions. Both bands will also be playing in this year’s College Radio Day Studio Sessions.


Local New Jersey band Use Big Words performed in front of the School of Communication and Media lawn.                      Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

“We would love to do more public concerts, whether they are outside or not because music is a fundamental part of everyone’s lives,” Stringham said. “There are an astonishing amount of young New Jersey bands and musicians in our area, and they deserve to have a chance to play at a college and especially at WMSC, our college radio station.”


Students were allowed to take free demos from Phulton and Use Big Words.                   Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

The WMSC station management team also attended the concert, including 22-year-old senior Gina Bakri, who is majoring in communications and media arts.

Anabella and Gina.JPG

WMSC General Manager Anabella Poland with Gina Bakri inside the tent at the outdoor concert.                                      Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

“I am super excited and stoked,” Bakri said. “The weather is perfect outside and I just found out that instead of one ice cream truck, there will be two.”


Rocky the Red Hawk enjoys the band playing in front of the new School of Comm and Media.                                          Jake Gongora | The Montclarion


While listening to music, students were able to grab a free chocolate or vanilla ice cream cone from one of the two ice cream trucks at the concert.                                                                                        Jake Gongora| The Montclarion

Many students like Bakri enjoyed the beautiful weather, free concert and tasty treats. Commuter Life at Montclair State assisted WMSC in providing the ice cream trucks to campus.


WMSC Music Director Austin Resneck enjoys the weather and sounds from the WMSC concert.                                        Jake Gongora | The Montclarion

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