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‘A Star is Born’ is Destined to be a Big Award Contender

by Collin De Lade

The latest version of “A Star is Born” is the third remake of the 1937 film recounting the classic tale of a rise to fame. The film showcases an incredible leading pair with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, who equally shine as two musicians whose careers drastically change for better and worse.

“A Star is Born” is directed by Bradley Cooper, who also stars as the famous musician Jackson Marine. After stumbling upon a local bar, he witnesses an amazing performance by an unknown singer named Ally, played by Lady Gaga. After spending the night getting to know each other, the two instantly connect and begin performing together. When Ally’s career skyrockets, Jackson struggles to keep himself relevant under the newfound superstar.

The film is set up as a big contender for the upcoming awards season, and it delivers with performances from Cooper and Lady Gaga, who are both destined to receive many award nominations and some wins. Their chemistry together is the best anyone has seen all year due to how incredibly natural the pair act with each other.

With Cooper known for his acting and Lady Gaga known for her singing, they both completely crush it – Cooper giving a great musical performance and Lady Gaga delivering as an entertaining, emotional actress. This is the best these two have ever been, both as musicians and actors.

Along with the great performances comes the fantastic soundtrack. While not jam-packed with instant classics, there are a handful of great songs that will be replayed over and over again without growing old. “Maybe It’s Time” and “Shallows” are just two of the many songs that will leave audiences in awe. However, this is not a soundtrack to only listen to on Spotify. The album deserves to be seen and heard on the big screen.

The big showstopper came early on with “Shallows” where Jackson persuades Ally to come on stage to show off her voice. Not only does “Shallows” represent the best the soundtrack has to offer, but it is also the highlight of the film. Ally steps into the world of fame and success while also being the peaking point of Jackson’s career.

Everything awesome about “A Star is Born” is showcased in this great scene. Lady Gaga completely shines with her progression from being protective of her voice to complete bursting it out and rocking every note, while Cooper showcases the hard work of learning to perfect his voice and guitar skills.

Cooper deserves a lot of credit for his direction, as he puts the extra effort into making the film look unique. As a first-time director, Cooper needed to showcase how he can stand out from the rest through his own personal directing style and it is safe to say that he pulled it off. The biggest praise Cooper deserves as a director is how he shapes and balances the narrative between the two characters.

What really works about the narrative is how the central character shifts multiple times from Jackson to Ally. The film opens as Jackson’s story being the famous rock star that recruits an unknown talent. Once Ally is established, she takes over with her evolution of an everyday girl performing at local bars to an instant superstar in front of thousands of dedicated fans. That “Shallows” scene also showcases this point as the rare moment where both characters share the spotlight before their careers change forever.


"A Star is Born" Scene

Bradley Cooper plays Jackson Maine, a popular musician that helps young singer Ally, played by Lady Gaga, showcase her beautiful voice to the world. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.


Unfortunately, “A Star is Born” is going to be that over-hyped movie that will not satisfy a lot of people’s unfair expectations. With the rave reviews both here and within various other outlets, this is destined to be something that won’t live up to the hype. The emotional moments, while effective, lack that extra push to cause a tearful reaction. Just one more moment or an additional scene would have caused the tears to come out, especially with its powerful finale.

This version of “A Star is Born” caters more for audiences not familiar with the story, rather than fans of a previous version. Without enough changes to the narrative, the older demographics will have already seen this tale before. It’s a shame how a really good movie like this will be looked at as disappointing, simply due to not being original or classic.

“A Star is Born” is absolutely a must see on all levels. The acting is great, the music is fantastic and the overall film is so entertaining. It would be a major upset if Cooper and Lady Gaga fail to receive award recognition, as this is the film where they both deserve it. This is a film to rush out and see on the big screen. Expect it to be slightly flawed.

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