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Did the Force Awaken?

by Kevin Saez
Photo Credit: Jayna Gugliucci

Photo Credit: Jayna Gugliucci

Now that we’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, read what we have to say about it and check out our favorite Star Wars memories leading up to the newest film. Don’t worry. These reviews are spoiler free!

Julia Siegel, Staff Writer

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, lots of die-hard Star Wars fans were disappointed with the prequel trilogy. Ten years later, those same fans finally have the movie that they have been waiting for. Star Wars: The Force Awakens brings the galaxy back together in unexpected twists and turns for an epic seventh installment to the timeless saga.

The new film is helmed by director J.J. Abrams, who brings his typical charm and wit to the saga. Disney did a great job of keeping the story of a pilot, a Stormtrooper and a smuggler secret, so I will do the same. The story follows new and familiar faces on an adventure throughout the galaxy. Each character goes through a personal journey to find their place in the galaxy.

The writing, acting and effects finally came together to tell a tale that will make you laugh, cry and cheer as the action unfolds. The villains are more evil than in the past and the force is strong in some certain individuals. The new cast molded perfectly with the original cast to create a beautiful new generation of Star Wars. Han Solo, Chewbacca and new droid BB-8 bring the most laughs and comedy to help lighten the feel of the film. The comedy also is very nostalgic of the original trilogy, which is something the prequel trilogy lacked.

Fans have a lot to look forward to in The Force Awakens and the upcoming Episodes 8 and 9. The galaxy is expanding in ways that everyone has been dreaming of for 40 years. If you have ever seen any Star Wars movie, go and see the masterpiece that is The Force Awakens. This is the film that channels the original trilogy in ways that fans have been waiting for.

Jayna Gugliucci, Managing Editor

Though I walked into the movie theater dressed as the infamous Han Solo, I honestly could not say that I was the biggest Star Wars fan that I could be. Besides having seen five of the original movies and some of my best friends being die-hard followers of the series, I was kind of lost in the universe itself. However, after seeing The Force Awakens, my outlook on the entire franchise has completely changed. Instead of being stuck in translation throughout the entirety of the film as I had originally planned to be, the introduction of the new characters and storyline was absolutely flawless and easy to understand for those more like me. Of course, it still lent its homage to the original trilogy with Han, Luke, and Leia – a definite a tribute to long-time fans of the series – but, Rey, a scavenger who discovers an adventure unlike that she had ever imagined from her small life in Jakku, delivered an excellent performance that really could not be matched by any except the original cast. In fact, her character is certainly one that young and older girls alike will fall in love with. Even I wish that I could be her. At the same time, the release of this movie has truly shown me the power of the force and has inspired me to rewatch the original films, something that I had never thought to do before. And, though I could go on forever about how incredible this film was, let’s cut to the chase: if you’re even thinking about seeing this film, go. You won’t regret it.

Zachary Case, Chief Copy Editor

It was an excellent movie that is definitely on par with, say, A New Hope. J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job capturing the feeling of Star Wars from an outsider’s perspective. The blend of practical effects and CGI was particularly impressive in its execution. The only real issue I had with the film would be the heavy emphasis on dialogue meant to elicit cheap laughs, which feels slightly out of place in a Star Wars film.

Kristen Bryfogle, Editor-in-Chief

If you’ve been looking forward to The Force Awakens, I don’t think this movie will disappoint. It is a true blend of the old and the new. It was also a test of my personal fortitude and a movie being able to produce that effect on someone surely makes it one you don’t want to miss.

Thomas Formoso, Sports Editor

The movie was pretty much everything I hoped for and more. Most, if not all, of the acting was very good, the use of practical effects along with CGI was very balanced and the movie had a lot of legwork to do to connect VI and VII. It is definitely a perfect start to what looks to be a very fun final trilogy.


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