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Our Favorite Star Wars Memories

by Kevin Saez

Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuts on Dec. 18 at midnight. It’s been 10 years since a new Star Wars movie has premiered and in preparation for the latest chapter in the saga, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Star Wars moments and memories. May the Force be with you and check out our micro-reviews of The Force Awakens.

Thomas Formoso, Sports Editor

My favorite moment has to be the juxtaposition of Anakin vs Obi-Wan and Darth Sidious vs Yoda in Revenge of the Sith. John Williams’ score was perfect for the situation and it was a perfect representation of the desperation that the Jedi felt and it was the culmination of three long (and sometimes painfully tedious) prequels.

In a close second, the execution of Order 66 was very heartbreaking to watch and Williams once again perfectly conveyed the sadness and heartbreak of the situation with his score.

Awije Bahrami, Entertainment Editor

My favorite Star Wars moment was when Darth Vader revealed that he is Luke Skywalker’s father. I was freaking out. I’m 20 years old and I never caught this piece of important information even though my roommate is a fanatic Star Wars fan. I said bullsh*t, that’s not true, but it was.

Zachary Case, Chief Copy Editor

I think my favorite Star Wars moment would be Return of the Jedi‘s Ewok dance party. It’s unique in that it has one of the few agreeable Special Edition changes – the change from “Yub Nub” to the “Victory Celebration” theme – and is the only tasteful “dance party” ending in a movie aside from Caddyshack. The celebratory and bittersweet feeling it has concludes the trilogy perfectly and is representative of how the original trilogy had balanced the goofy and serious sides of the Force.

Kristen Bryfogle, Editor-in-Chief

My favorite Star Wars memory is in The Empire Strikes Back when Princess Leia tells Han Solo that she loves him right as he’s about to get frozen in carbonite and transported back to Jabba’s Palace. It’s such a classic Han Solo moment when he says, “I know,” instead of “I love you” back. Apparently that was Harrison Ford’s own line change, since the original script just had him saying he loved her back. Good job at creating an iconic movie moment, Harrison Ford. Can’t wait to see what happens between Leia and Han in this new film!

Daniel Falkenheim, Assistant Sports Editor

Darth Maul is simultaneously one of the most awesome and criminally underused characters in the Star Wars saga. We finally get to see Darth Maul in real combat and witness his lightsaber mastery in the final battle against Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Ginn. John Williams’ score for this scene, “Duel of Fates,” was by far the best score in the prequels and set the tone for the fight. Additionally, Darth Maul completed the rare feat of actually killing Liam Neeson in a movie. Besides, how could you not love a guy with a dual lightsaber?

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