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Student Center Patio Open for Business

by Montclarion News
Student Center Food
Student Center Food

So Deli and Dunkin’ Donuts Express debut in the Student Center.
Photo Credit: Alex Gamboa

The refurbished Student Center Cafe has recently been completed with the opening of Dunkin’ Donuts Express and So Deli.
The two restaurants are located in the formerly outdoor patio area, which is now indoors with floor-to-ceiling windows. Allowing the space to utilize the sunlight during the days, the room now also gives students protection from harsh or uncomfortable weather.
The students seem to be excited about the opening, especially about the new Dunkin’ Donuts Express. According to Justice Studies major Danielle Sidow, “I think it’s awesome that we have a Dunkin’ Donuts here. I just wish it was a Starbucks or another coffee shop because we already have a Dunkin’ Donuts on campus.”
The location of the coffee shop is the best part of its opening for other students as well. Music Education major Jackie Deshchien is excited to have a coffee shop that is closer to the Cali School of Music, which is on the southern tip of campus, a good 15-minute walk to the traditional Dunkin’ Donuts in Blanton Hall.
While excitement is high for the coffee shop, students do not seem to have much of an opinion on the new sandwich shop. When directing questions towards the deli, most students shrugged and didn’t have much to say.
An exception would be student Kevan Ali, who said, “I like the Dunkin’ Donuts, but I don’t like the random deli. They could have gotten something better and tried to expand their licensed food franchises to include a better brand.” Other students agreed, thinking it’s unnecessary considering the amalgam of sandwich choices already on campus.
While students are excited about the accessibility of the coffee drinks and pastries at the new Dunkin’ Donuts location, the same excitement was not apparent for the neighboring deli shop. However, for students who spend the majority of their time in the heart of campus and not in the residence halls, the new Dunkin’ Donuts location seems to be looked at positively.

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